Getting Started with The Wired Word

You have found a curriculum for your next Small Group or Sunday school class -- yippee!  But now what?  Follow these three simple steps and be well on your way to making your next lesson the most engaging one yet!

In This Article

Step 1: Receiving your Teacher Lessons every Thursday
Step 2: Update your class list
Step 3: Choose your Lesson
Step 4: Enter a personal message (optional) and send lesson

Step 1: Receiving your Teacher Lesson every Thursday

Every Thursday, we will send the Teacher Lesson to the main email on the account.  The Teacher Lesson will include an intro from us and then both lessons covering different news articles from the past week to cover.

If you did not receive your teacher lesson this week, but sure to check out our Help Article about Troubleshooting Email issues.  The teacher and student lessons are always posted to the website Thursday morning as well.  

Step 2: Update your class list

To send out each weekly lesson, we prepare an email that you can send to your class list.  Each lesson includes the lesson and questions that would be helpful for them to read before coming to class. 

Enter emails by clicking on Class List and entering the Student Name and E-mail Address and clicking Add.

If you have a couple who shares the same email address, just enter it once and put the name as "Joe and Sue Smith" in the name field.  

Step 3: Choosing from the Weekly Thursday Lessons  

Each week, you will be given two lessons to select from.  Read through each lesson to see which one fits your class best, then select from the list. 

Once you have decided which lesson you which to send, log into the website and click on the link:

Under your Student List, you will see the ability to Select which Lesson you wish to send to your students:

Click on the radio button next to which lesson you wish, and the lesson will automatically update below. 

Step 4: Enter a personal message (optional) and send!

We automatically include a personal message to your class member, but you have full control to edit this message as you see fit.

Click on ↓ Update Personal Message in E-mail ↓ to see your message in the E-mail Preview below.  

Once you are happy with your message, scroll down to the very bottom and select Confirm and Send.  Review your information on the next page and hit Send Message and you're all set! 

Preparing for your class.

Sending your lessons is the easy part.  Next comes the actual lesson prep.  Check out our Leader Tips for Group Facilitators for a few tips on preparing for this upcoming week's small group.

Every Thursday, you'll receive an email alerting you the next issue is available.  

May God bless you as you teach the scriptures this week.

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