Copyright Policy

All lessons and content purchased from The Wired Word or through any Communication Resources, Inc. publication may be republished or reproduced for use within your own church or parish.  
Your church may alter the images or content in any way it wishes.  
Only the following restrictions apply:  
  • Your church or company may not share the artwork or content with other churches, parishes (even within your denomination) or companies.  
  • Your church or company also may not republish the artwork or content in any form for resale or redistribution.  

Any content (such as, but not limited to student lessons and teacher lessons) that is linked to your website must be secured behind a password so that only your church members are able to access the content.  Do not post these lessons directly to social media as there is no way to limit who views the content.

Unsure if the way you wish to use content fits within our policy?  Feel free to email us at and we will gladly review your request.

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