Promote Your Small Group or Sunday School Class

Looking for ways to promote your small group or Sunday school class that is using The Wired Word curriculum? Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Use Promotional Material.

Promotional resources — such as flyers, church-wide emails, social media posts, and announcements in your church's newsletter or bulletin — are great ways to promote your small group or Sunday school class.   

Here is a flyer designed specifically for you to help you get started:

>> Download an editable Word file to begin <<
>> Download an editable Publisher file to begin <<

Keep in mind, on average, many people attend church service only about once every three weeks, so you may need to reach out a few times to be sure members are in the know.

Create your own promotional material and include The Wired Word logo. 

Logo for print
Logo for web

Send a Personal Invitation.

One of the most powerful ways to recruit new members is to send a personal invitation to join a group or class. This can be as simple as placing a sticky note on your flyer saying "We'd love to have you!" Hand that flyer to a friend, colleague, neighbor, visitor or member. You can do this personally as the leader, or ask each class member to invite at least one other person they think would benefit. When a personal invitation is sent, people are more comfortable joining, especially if it comes from someone they already know and have a relationship with.

Mitigate Fear of Joining.

No matter how you choose to promote your The Wired Word small group or class, always be sure to mitigate as much fear as possible by being very clear about:

  1. When you meet
  2. Where you meet
  3. Who to contact for questions, concerns or directions
  4. What to expect during your time together (or what your expectations as a leader are for them to prepare)

The smallest of things (such as not knowing what time class starts) can stand in the way of someone who may want to join, from actually joining.  So making sure they have all of the details helps anyone take the leap to join.

But when anyone gets plugged in with a group of believers who study Scripture together and encourage one another, powerful things happen. Just remember, it all begins with a simple invitation to join.  

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