Why are my student(s) not receiving emails from you?

Do you have students who are not receiving the lesson from you?  Here are a few things to check to ensure they aren't missing a single email.

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Do you have their correct/current email address?

Does their email program block Spam?

Have they added us to their Safe Senders list?

Have they checked their "Other" / "Promotions" / "Updates" folders?

Have they opted out to not receive the weekly student lesson?

You may need to try more than one of these solutions to solve their problem.

Do you have the correct or current email address?

People change email addresses all the time due to changes in jobs or an email address that is suddenly getting too much spam mail. First, confirm that you are using the email address they expect.

Next, log in to www.TheWiredWord.com and select Class ListFind the student who is reporting the issue and confirm the email address.

Hint: To 100% guarantee you have the correct email, ask them to email you, then copy and paste the email from the FROM line.  Make sure to check that there are no extra spaces before or after the email address. Any extra spaces will cause the email not to send.  
Click on Edit, to edit an email and Save when you are done editing.
You can re-send the lesson to just one student by click on Confirm and Send Email, then unchecking any student who you do not wish to receive a lesson.

Does their email program block Spam?

Some email programs have Spam-blockers that block the delivery of emails from unknown senders. Their program may think that The Wired Word™ emails are Spam. Some blockers move these messages into a Spam, Junk, or Blocked Messages folder. Check to see if they have one or more of those folders, and then look for messages sent from The Wired Word™. Most programs allow you to move these messages into your Inbox or into another folder of your choice.
NOTE: If you find The Wired Word™ email in a Spam folder, please continue with the next step.

Is The Wired Word™ in a Contacts, Allowed Senders or Safe Senders list?

Some email programs deliver messages only from approved senders. If you find The Wired Word™ email messages in a Spam, Junk, or Blocked Messages folder, it's probably on a Blocked Senders list. Please add The Wired Word™ email address [Lesson@TheWiredWord.com] to your Contacts, Allowed Senders, Safe Senders, or "Not Junk" list. 
You may also need to add the "thewiredword.com" domain to their Allowed Senders, Safe Senders or "Not Junk" list. Adding a sender or domain to an Allowed list is done a little differently with each program. Please check your program's Help menu for specific instructions. Search for "Allowed Senders," "Safe Senders," "Safe List," "Blocked Senders" or something similar.

Have they checked their "Other" / "Promotions" / "Updates" folders? 

Some email programs are now implementing categories in which other messages will automatically sort into different mail folders. 

Have your student search for "Lesson@TheWiredWord.com" and see if any email message comes up. If so, have them check their other mail folders to see where the email is auto sorting. 

They can consult their email program to change these settings or set an email to directly go into their "Primary" or "Focused" inboxes, or turn this feature off completely. 

None of that worked, now what? 

If you have tried everything above and they are still not receiving emails, drop us a line and we can ensure the email is being sent.  If it is, it may result in your student having to contact their email provider.  

Have they opted out to not receive the weekly student lesson?

Your student may not receive your student lesson if they have opted out of the mailing list. You can learn more about that under the help doc Managing your Unsubscribed Students.

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