Managing your Unsubscribed Students

As the administrator of the class list, you can check to see if any of your students have "opted out" to receive the weekly student lesson. To check on the status of your student, log into your account, then go to "Class List" in the menu.

You'll see a listing of your students along with their email addresses and a link to Manage your unsubscribed students.

Click the Manage link to review any student that wishes to resubscribe to receive the student lesson. If they wish to resubscribe to the list, click the Resubscribe button:

Complete the confirmation on the screen by clicking YES.

Your student will receive an email to their email inbox to click a link to confirm that they wish to resubscribe.

Important: The Student must click on the link contained in the email in order to be re-subscribed to the class list.
For the teacher, your unsubscribed students list will then update with the status of the resubscribe for that particular student. Simply repeat the process for any other student.

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