How do I email the student lesson to my class?

Now that you've received your first teacher lesson, you can use The Wired Word to safely email the student lesson to your class members each week by using our class list tool.
We prepare an email you can send to your class using our Class List tool. Each student-lesson email you send will include an introduction, the lesson, and questions that would be helpful for students to read before coming to class. 
You'll need to always first log in to your account at using your email address and password.

 Create your class list.

To create your class list, click the  Class List link in the menu bar. You only need to create one class list. Your class list can be updated at any time. 
Enter your students' names and email addresses. Click "Add" after entering each one. 
If you have a couple who shares the same email address, just enter their email address once and enter their name as "Joe and Sue Smith" in the name field. 


 Choose the weekly lesson to send to your students.

Once you have decided the lesson to send-- either the new weekly lesson or a lesson from our library--click this link you'll find under any lesson to send it to your class:  

Next, you will be asked to select the primary lesson or the secondary lesson from that week. Click the radio button to make your selection and the lesson will automatically update on the screen.


 Use our lesson introduction or create a personal message.

We provide a personal message for your class members to introduce the lesson, but you can always edit that message if you wish.

To change the message, just make your edits in the text box, then click the link ↓Update Personal Message in E-mail↓ to view your new message in the E-mail preview. 


 Send the lesson to your students.

Once you are happy with your introduction or personal message, select Next >.

Your information will appear on the next page for review. After reviewing your information and recipients ( If you want to send the lesson to certain individuals, you can check or uncheck the boxes next to each person--note a checked box indicates that the person will be sent the email), click Send Message and the student email will be sent to your class list.

Watch for the confirmation screen to confirm that your emails have been queued for delivery. Delivery times can vary depending on the email service provider, but we will send the emails within an hour. 

All the students in your class list will be on the list each week to receive the student email. You can add and remove students at any time. 

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